Pocono Springs Company

In business since 1993, we are a well established regional bottled water company located in the Northeast United States and are engaged in the bottling, marketing, sales and distribution of bottled spring water both under the Pocono Springs brand name and through strategic private label customers. Pocono Springs' water is sourced from a natural spring in the Pocono Mountains.

We bottle and distribute a complete line of natural spring water products drawn from artesian springs located deep in the Pocono Mountains. Our product offerings include 100 percent Natural Spring Water bottled in:

• one gallon high-density polyethylene ("HDPE") plastic bottles
• 2.5 gallon HDPE bottles
• convenience size single serve polyethylene terephthalate ("PET") plastic bottles

We also bottle and distribute a complete line of distilled water using municipal water and the steam distillation process. Our ten bottled water products range from single serve PET convenience bottles to six gallon stackable bottles for home and office delivery. In addition to our broad array of products, we maintain excellent water quality with one of the purest natural springs on the East Coast and produce and distribute distilled water and spring water with added fluoride.

Our state of the art bottle blow molding operation provides the ability to service our internal requirements and offer blow molded one gallon bottles of high density polyethylene for sale to others.

See our products page for a full description of our bottled water products.


Our spring source is located on 24 acres of pristine, virgin forest land.
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